Friday, June 14, 2002

This week has flown! Its finally Friday and I've got the house to myself as Ian is out with the boys for their monthly boys nite out. I'm looking forward to surfing through our 90 new cable channels we received yesterday. All for only £3 more than we were paying for FilmFour! Outrageous.

I simply can not not mention the weather. Its been crap.

I saw Kate the Nutritionist yesterday. I feel a little encouraged that there may some solid reasons for the various symptoms my body is throwing up at me. I have to wait for her to get back to me in a few days with a course of action. She made it sound like an expedition. Or maybe that is just how I hear things.

The job situation is sounding good. The woman who is screening the CV's met with a friend of mine in Marketing yesterday and my friend gave me a good rap. They have 2 external and 2 internal candidates but due to the expediency of the situation they may go with someone who knows the firm and the subsequent ropes. That'll be me then! However the job I'm in at the moment has just kicked off and got incredibly busy. I'm helping the Project Manager of a proposal we are pitching and it is all hands to battle stations. I love being this busy. It'll be hard if I do get the other job though - I'm terrified of telling these guys I'm leaving. They've been so good to me. It's just like hair. When my hair has pissed me off to the point that I make an appointment at the hairdresser, it goes and looks better than ever in the days leading up to the appointment. But I've learned. Hair will deceive you but you must persist. So when that feeling that I'm swimming in water so deep I can not see the bottom overwhelms me when I consider the jump into a new career path I remember how good my hair looks after a haircut. And 12 tonnes of product slathered all over it.

Have I mentioned the weather?

I wrote a long email to my sister today. I miss her. I do hope they end up in the same hemisphere as us soon. I wouldn't even mind the 2 hour time difference so long as she sees the same constellations as I do. And we can plan decadent shopping trips to Rome, Florence and Barcelona!!

England play Denmark tomorrow and we’re off to the Footage & Firkin with Mark for what will be a huge game. Too excited for words.

I have to cut this short as work is calling again.

C x


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