Wednesday, October 09, 2002

I have been known to have an opinion on the odd thing. I'm not a ranter [much] and I do try to take things in my stride [not really] so in an attempt to keep a balanced perspective [vent my spleen] I will note a few of my pet peeves [things that drive me completely potty] here.

Starbucks: In a word, utter crap. OK, so that was 2 words but please, is there anything else in the world so banal and inconsequential as an American coffee [and I use the word coffee lightly] chain that is present on most street corners in every town, city and village in this country serving warm and milky cups of excuses for coffee?

Now I realise that it is not just Starbucks itself that is to blame for the proliferation of this liquid shit - it is the consumers of it who seem to have utterly missed the fact that just over the Channel and beyond lie the best little cafes and subsequently therefore, the best coffee in Europe! No, instead they slurp their way through billions of cups of the [expensive] tasteless shite because it is a: American b: convenient c: cool? or d: but it is good coffee I am limply told when I ask ‘Why do you drink it?’.


Honestly, if another person excuses their consumption of this muck by declaring that it is good coffee I will grab them by the scruff of their neck, stuff their faces in a packet of Lavazza and force them to inhale, hard.

What is wrong with these people?!

I think that may be enough for today as I feel remarkably better.

Tomorrow I might tell you why I think George Dubya Bush is bad for the planet.

C x

Listening to: 'Teach Yourself Spanish' - Disc 1, Michel Thomas
Reading: 'Maybe the Moon', Amistead Maupin


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