Monday, July 14, 2003

A blog a day

This will make 3 blogs in one day but it is only really 2.

The one below where I decreed I was going to try and blog daily is a farcical blog as I actually wrote that last week but I think my firewall at work buggers up my ability to upload this stuff so I saved it safely and promptly forgot it.

So, here I am again today trying to blog daily.

I am actually in a hurry as I have just dumped the entire contents of my undies draw onto the bedroom floor and I need to get it done before my friend PJ calls. Although I suspect I'm going to be folding my undies and assorted smalls for the next 3 hours by the looks of that pile. Shit.

I don't know why I am like this you know. I had every intention of getting home, cooking myself some tea and taking a leisurely approach to this lovely, warm and sunny Monday evening but before I knew it I was up to my elbows in soap suds, tearing clothes of the line, dragging piles of clean clothes upstairs to suddenly find myself knee deep in apparel. Shit.

I don't have much else to contribute today really. As I mentioned earlier we saw R.E.M. play live last night in what was one of the best gigs of my life [if you don't count Underworld at the Apollo last night cause that just peaked and I'm still waiting...] and I am even more in awe of Michael Stipe and his amazing ability to capture my mind and my soul and wrap it around a song. I just love him.

I spent today pining for the beach and the merest sniff of a sea breeze. I wanted to stand on the rocks and watch the waves crash against them and feel the thunder in the soles of my feet. I wanted to look out as far as I could and see only the ocean swell. I want to watch the sunset over the water and follow its reflection right back to my feet. And I want to go to bed tonight and know that the sea is only a few miles away from where I sleep. Maybe I'll dream about the sea tonight. Maybe.

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