Thursday, January 23, 2003

I have utterly, utterly failed to maintain this in any sort of consistent way. What can I say? I suck at this frankly.

So, it was October 19 when I last posted and it seems like a very long time ago. How about a brief cram of what we've been up to in between times and then I'll try and do this again. Try being the operative word.


We spent 8 days in Barcelona which was blissful. We ate, walked, ate, drank, invented new cocktails [OK, I did but we did both drank them] and sat mesmerised as a tall, black, blue lipsticked drag queen sang I Will Survive in Spanish at our favourite bar Marguerita Blue. It is always great to wander around a new city and find somewhere else to eat and Barca is just the place for this kind of discovery. We actually took a couple of day trips out of the city which was nice - Gerona was the first place we trained it to and it was worth it. Such a lovely, quiet town divided by a river into old and new. I particularly loved the way the sandy, rust coloured houses hung precariously over the river in the old town and the windy streets that we climbed that lead us up to the city walls. Finally bought a pair of long sought after leather boots that I found in a gorgeous little shoe shop there. Yes, I have turned shoe shopping into an obsession. So much so Ian now subconsciously takes my hand and gently steers me to the other side of the street should we come precariously close to a shoe and/or bag shop. Bugger.

I saw Underworld at the Manchester Apollo Theatre which was simply mind-blowing. I love them and I guess I need say no more. The highlight had to be waiting in the bar area near the front of the stage for Gary and his friend to get back from the toilet and bar queue respectively. We grouped, divided up the pints of lager when suddenly the main arena erupted with applause and shouting. We looked at each other, baffled thinking Is this the support act? We dashed out to the floor and as we got closer to the door leading into the arena we simultaneously recognised Dark Train and ran to join the thronging crowd on the now writhing dance floor. Priceless.

We also saw Groove Armada at the Manchester Academy with 2 other couples and even though it was a brilliant gig on all accounts it was nowhere near as special as seeing Underworld the week before. I mean I loved the gig, we all did - but Gary and I kept looking at each other saying [but not saying] Nowhere near as good ...

So much for brief. We had a bit of a gig glut in November but bear with me. We also saw Doves at the Academy and like the first time we saw them they were bloody brilliant. Nothing more to add really.


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