Monday, August 18, 2003

Working for the weekend?

Another one has just spun past me so fast I woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday. Imagine the rude shock that was when I realised it was Monday... Crap.

I am almost 100% convinced that this overcast grey shit that hangs over this country for a large percentage of the time affects my moods directly. I hate overcast days. I just know the sun is up there beyond that muck that refuses to move. I love rain, I love storms, hell, I even love the snow but when the sky here closes over and just does nothing of significance I find myself getting darker by the hour. Two days of this so far and I'm ready to take on anyone over anything...

The weekend was OK. Nothing much happened. We spent Saturday in Manchester with Edith which was OK. The weather was at least sunny which was nice. We sat out for a while in Cathedral Gardens in the fresh air. I hate going into town on the weekends these days. I feel like I just buy things cause I can - I don't really desperately need anything you know. God forbid if Ian reads that! I just find that I don't like myself when on a gorgeous sunny day I find myself indoors under those hideous fluro lights staring at shelf after shelf of consumer goods that I don't really need. Although I could make a pretty good case as to why I do as I make my way to the cashier. This is an ongoing issue for me, nothing I really talk about to anyone but I'm working on my consumerism tendencies. Daily.

Yesterday, Sunday was fairly bland. Did some more baking, picked blackberries out of the garden for some muffins I made [how country garden is that?] and to be honest they were quite nice. I made another carrot cake which seemed to take ages to bake in the centre [kept wobbling!] but Lucy said the cupcake version was scrummy. I'm seeing another Kitchen Man after work today to try and get this sorted. Once it is and I've done the Food Hygiene and Handling course we will most likely be up and running. Got a great idea for a name for the business from my friend Anita's husband Gus - he says it should be 'Said the Aussie' which as you know is a play on my maiden name, Said. I think that's a great idea!

Anyway, best be off.

Listening to: Bruce Springsteen's Greatest Hits, Bruce Springsteen
Reading: Hearts in Atlantis, Stephen King


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