Tuesday, July 02, 2002

It’s been ages since I last updated this. I actually hopped on the other day, the day after Brazil beat England in the quarter final, and bashed out a pile of words which were steeped in the mood around the country at the time. When I hit ‘post’ the whole lot disappeared from the screen and I sat there staring at my monitor in disbelief. That just added to my already bleak mental landscape.

It is now nearly two weeks since that fateful day and I’m happy to report that life is on the up and up. The World Cup is over, as are the million and one adverts on the telly, selling everything from drinks to kitchen sinks, with a football flourish. Thank God! The world as I see it has returned to normal – sort of.

Ian and I have sadly found ourselves captivated by Big Brother 3. I know, I know – get a life! But it really is good fodder. Fodder for what exactly I can’t say but we love it. I won’t bore you with it but if you call us between 7 & 10pm and we don’t answer – you know where we are.

I had the second interview for the Event Executive job last Tuesday here in the office [rather than Leeds]. It went really well and the woman who interviewed me seemed very positive. However she still had two more candidates to interview and she advised that I would know the outcome of my application last Friday. It is now Tuesday and I am still none the wiser. Slightly frustrating to say the least but work at present is completely bonkers so I’m distractedly busy. I’ve hardly had time to whack out emails to friends during work hours so I’ve taken advantage of this sudden lull in activity to produce this.

A friend of mine living overseas at the moment emailed me last week asking what it was like to live in a country, not your own, for a prolonged time. My friend is possibly going to be away from her country for a couple of years and mid decision at the moment so I wrote back. I showed the email to Ian and he suggested I post it here. So I will. On the next post as this is way too long already.

C x


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