Thursday, March 18, 2004

too many words

I used to be of the 'too many books, too little time' crew but these days I seemed to have slipped into 'too many blogs, too much time on the company internet before they sack me for nothing' gang. Doing nothing that is.

I can't believe what shite, hilarity, food for thought and plain brilliance the internet has spawned lately in the form of weblogs. The trouble is there are just too many out there. And even if you do whittle it down to say, 3 blogs you regularly keep yourself abreast of they have those tempting little side bars with titles like 'other blogs' or 'bloggerage' or 'things I read'. And even if you can resist clicking on the links to other blogs via people's sidebars you then get suckered into reading comments other blogslaves leave which have more tempting little links to their own blogs. Shit.

For example, I love this site. The entries are short, sharp and snortingly funny. But I made the mistake of reading the comments and before I knew it I was reading about a girl's problems with her vagina! That just can't be right.

So take a tip from me, link to a few select blogs, avoid side bar links and comments pages, refine your word intake and go outside for God's sake cause its Spring out there!!

Reading: The Ruby in the Smoke, Philip Pullman
Listening to: Having a Nirvana moment ... Come as You Are on repeat. For now.


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