Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Footballmeat pieskangaroos&holdencars

Not exactly a chant you'll hear at an English football game but at least they have pies here!!

Cheese & onion pies (if you thing FournTwenty pies are stuffed with dubious meat type fillings, you've not seem meat pies at football games in England - apologies in advance to those who like them *shudder*) and Magpies! Alongside my beloved Collingwood I support Newcastle United. If only in a think-Alan-Shearer-is-a-honey kind of way until of course, my lovely mate in our Newcastle office sends me emails that say:

To: C
From: P
Date: 28 April, 2004
Time: 11.06 am
Subject: NUFC vs Man City


Apologies for not getting back to you sooner but I have 2 tickets for you for the game, can I put these in the post to you.


Ah, yes please!!

So, I'm off to see Newcastle United v Manchester City at the City of Manchester Stadium this Saturday!! I gather the tickets will be smack in the middle of all the NUFC fans which, if it is anything like the last game I went to against Manchester United at Old Trafford, will be brilliant. Sadly, I don't quite understand what the Newcastle fan's are actually chanting but the atmosphere and the sheer wall of noise they produce will be fabby!

Ian can't make it as he will be in London watching his beloved QPR fight to stay second in Division 2 and therefore avoid the end of season play off's. And let's face it - I don't think my heart can cope with another round of play off's. Please God let them make automatic promotion!

Listen to me ... I sound like Gary Lineker's wife!

So I have asked my Geordie mate Christine as she loves Newcastle to. That is if she is free. I hope she is free!

Note to self: Buy P lots of drinks.

Reading: Twelfth Night, William Shakespeare
Listening to: The sound of pink blossom petals swirl around the streets of my town...


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