Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Venus & Red Wine are alright tonight

It's now 10.44 and I've done NOTHING but stare at the screen doing that compulsory blog-jumping thing that is a major time sucker.

I'm finding the inspiration to write hard to capture right now. I'm convinced it is this bloody overcast drizzly day that I seem to have woken up to but nevertheless, I will try ...

Friday night Ian and I stayed in with 2 bottles of lovely white wine. Sav Blanc .... needless to say I don't remember exactly when and how I ended up in bed however I woke up on Saturday morning feeling fine. Just as well really as we spent the whole day spring cleaning the house. It was such a good feeling to go from room to room knowing that there were no longer any hidden piles of paper / clothes / cd's / more paper as we worked through each room and blitzed. I nearly passed out due to bleach inhalation as I scrubbed the bathroom but managed to stay conscious till I finished it.

Saturday night Chris came over as we were supposedly going to the movies but once again, after a glass of wine each he and Ian decided staying in was a better option. I made a great curry and a killer Mississippi Mud Cake which was to die for and later that evening Caz & David came to stay with us for the rest of the weekend. They are all the way from Melbourne and are on a whistle-stop tour of the UK. It was great to have people visit Manchester on such an amazing sunny, warm and dare I say it, summer-like weekend!

They arrived late on in the evening to find Ian, Chris, myself and 2 empty wine bottles in various stages of disarray in the front room. It was already 11pm by the time we all settled back into the sofas and a couple of wine bottles later I was amazed to find that it was after 2am and I was still wide awake and not in the least bit ready for bed. Bearing in mind I'm ready for bed by half 9 most nights I was pretty pleased with my performance under the influence of a lot of red wine.

Sunday morning we dragged ourselves out of bed, had a hearty breakfast of toast, demolished eggs (David's answer to 'How do you like your eggs?') and scrummy bacon. We headed out into the sunshine to fulfill our guest's request that we show them Manchester. What can I say? It was such a great day. We wandered around the city centre where David decided that Market Street looked like any high street anywhere in the world (with the exception of maybe Ulaanbaatar I silently mused), wandered around Urbis, scoured the shelves for shoes in TKMaxx and took in the bizarre delights that is people watching at Dukes92 in Castlefield.

We sat inside even though it was quite gorgeous out as it afforded us a big plate glass window between us and the freaks drinking outside. This meant we could look out the window at the assorted specimens and pretty much discuss anything from their Roman centurion hairstyle (he was a scary looking bloke) to their mullets (you would think this guy's mates would have the heart to say 'Mate, a ginger mullet is just not gonna get you the chicks') to their outfits - to the woman wearing the glittery bikini-top (David's description not mine) we collectively say 'Run Away, Run Away from the scary bloke with the helmut head!!'

So rather than hang around and watch helmut head and glittery bikini girl get in on we headed home. We set up the dining room table in the garden for our first al fresco meal of the year. We discussed astronomy, caught up on where people were up to back in Melbourne that I'd known years ago and drank a lovely bottle of French wine that David so carefully chose that afternoon. I honestly thought he'd take it back to Australia with him considering what he paid for it but no, he kindly opened it, decanted it and encouraged us to quaff it. So we did.

It was a gorgeous end to a lovely weekend and as we watched Venus rise in the west I decided I'd best take myself off to bed as it was, after all, a school night.

Reading: Moll Flanders, Daniel Defoe
Listening to: My Kitchen Music compilation...


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