Thursday, April 22, 2004

I'm not trying to change the world...

Or am I?

Today I'm taking inspiration from a fellow blogger whose website takes its title from one of my favorite Billy Bragg songs, A New England.

Billy sings:

I'm not trying to change the world,
I'm not looking for a new England,
I'm looking for another girl...

Honestly, Billy should sainted.

Anyway, the question I ask myself today is: Am I trying to change the world?

Let me elucidate. Work at the moment is doing my head in. Working for a very large firm means decisions that affect my every day working life are made by monkeys in London who I'm sure sign plans and proposals off because the bottom line looks good.

For example; our laserjet printers are being replaced by wizz bang all singing all break dancing multi function devices [MFD's]. On a floor of 186 people we are going from 15 laserjet printers to 2 MFD's and 3 laserjets. In my section alone of 13 people we have 5 printers. We will be left with 1, if we are lucky and be hooked up to one of the 2 MFD's on the OTHER SIDE OF THE FLOOR.

So, being the even tempered, well balanced girl that I am I thought I'd write an email to the MFD Project Team which I was convinced would simply disappear into the ether. However, much to my surprise it did not and tomorrow I have a meeting with the head of IT in the north and the project manager managing our office refurb tomorrow morning at 9.30 am. Surprised? I was.

I often seem to find myself in the midst of issues like this here and find people often come to me to see if I can do anything. I'm not English which means I am not prepossed to just let things slide as some of my colleagues and friends are. If something is blatently wrong and there is an obvious way of making it right, I'll say something if I can. That's not to say everything is as simple or as black and white. I have no idea what will happen in this meeting tomorrow. This MFD deployment is a national initiative so we may just get told tomorrow that we will have to suck it and see. I do however see problems as challenges and looking for solutions is something I really enjoy.

Which is why I am seriously considered a new job here at work which will put me in a position where it will not only be my job to troubleshoot and bring about change, but I will have the clout and support in doing so. I've been here for nearly 3 and a half years now and I am increasingly being asked to get involved in the day to day administrative issues on an office wide scale. I like seeing things happen. So I will wait and see what comes of my registered interest in the job and make sure the right people are aware I am interested.

Reading: Moll Flanders, Daniel Defoe
Listening to: My Kitchen Music compilation...


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