Thursday, April 15, 2004

To care or not to care...

I'm sorry folks but this one is going to be another spleen venting session so if you are not in the mood, click here now for some light relief.

We had a night in front of the telly last night and first in line was another Firefly episode on DVD which is my all time favorite telly program. Dare I say it is a sci-fi? I only hesitate because Ian loves it as much as I do and he is the President of the I-hate-sci-fi Element of the population and is sceptical of any program that so much as hints at warp speed or has the word 'Trek' in the title. So after enjoying that wonderful moment of escapism we should have switched off the telly and gone to bed. Not being inclined to go to bed so early anyway, especially with Newcastle United being in the semi-final of the UEFA Cup we flipped the telly over to the game. As we tuned in halfway through the first half we switched to BBC1 to check teletext to find out who scored for Newcastle. (Alan Shearer did of course.)

However over on BBC1 they were airing the a program about a guy in Hull in NE England who died while in police custody nearly 6 years ago. His sister had been campaigning all that time to have the CCTV footage of him dying made public and on telly last night, they did. It was terrifying to think that in this, a supposedly civilised country, 5 policemen and a warden could stand by and do nothing while a man lay not 2 metres from them and let him slowly die. Apparently they thought he was 'play-acting'. You would think this distressing enough would you not? No. The 5 police who were in the room with the man have never, ever been interrogated or formally charged.

We then sat to watch the news which was an incredibly stupid thing to do. For there was George W. Bush telling the world he has all but given that blood thirsty son-of-a-bitch, Sharon his backing in the most ignorant act of his political career to date. In one breath he has backed Sharon in his plans to give with one hand and take with the other. Israel has kindly agreed to hand back the Gaza Strip BUT will retain hundreds of settlements in the far more lush West Bank AND refuse those Palestinian refugees spread around Jordan, Syria and Lebanon the right to return to the land they once lived on.

While I brushed my teeth after stomping upstairs in a state if disbelief I wondered if all the passion I feel for the injustice that goes on in the world is worth it. What does my being angry about greed and cruelty and injustice matter? I don't honestly know. But I feel that if I do stop caring I'll be just another person in the world who does not give a shit.

Listening to: Regard the End, Willard Grant Conspiracy
Reading: Claudine in Paris, Colette


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