Thursday, April 08, 2004

Happy Easter!

Its been a rather nondescript week really. The sky has been grey for much of the time, apart from Tuesday afternoon where it actually went black and spat out hailstones. Work has been rather mundane and nothing much has happened. Or has it?

Well, there is the small matter of my impending TRIP TO AUSTRALIA IN JUNE!!!

I'm still rather shellshocked but there you have it - my sister called on Saturday to moot the idea of me going to Melbourne for my Mum's 60th birthday. The nicest part of that little idea was that between my brother, sister and Dad they would cover my airfare. God bless them. This is wonderful for 2 reasons - I need to see my Mum and she needs to see me. That's aside from seeing the rest of my family again, a few of my gorgeous girlfriends and my beloved Melbournetown!

There is a downside to this really - I am going without Ian. I am both excited and dreading that. We've not been in different cities for any length of time since we did the whole 'London/Manchester we should have shares in Virgin Trains' lark in 2000. And that was tedious. I do want to do this as I think it will be good for me but I will miss my boy. And I know he'll miss me much.

16.24 - only 36 minutes till the bell goes for hometime!

Reading: The Tin Princess, Philip Pullman
Listening to: Songs for Jane, Maroon 5


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