Friday, April 16, 2004


It's Friday!


It's raining...


Went on a date with my husband last night! Yes, we went out! Excuse my enthusiasm but you see, given our always holidaying somewhere abroad we don't tend to splash out much on eating out. Much. So Ian met me after work, something I love, and we went to Wagamama. For those outside the UK Waga is a kind of communal style eatery that specialises in SE Asian cuisine very much reminiscent of say, China Bar in Melbourne. Lovely food and seamless service. And I love the little fragrant moist towels you get in a foil package with your chopsticks and wooden ladle type utensil to slurp your soup up with.

After dinner we saw a movie called Wondrous Oblivion which was great. As the synopsis says it was about a young, cricket mad Jewish boy living in London with his Polish parents in the 1960's. Although it touched on the issue of racism towards immigrants it was not too brutal - thankfully. I wasn't really in the mood for a grim, gritty Ken Loachesque type film and even though it wasn't, as my friend Sarah describes as a we're poor but happy film it touched the spot. Warm, funny in places and tense where tension was needed.

We got home in time for ER which is still, sadly, compulsory viewing in the Berri household and I managed to remember to tape Kath & Kim cause I've still not seen the first season!

Ian is off seeing a band for his bi-monthly boys night out so I have a home alone night tonight and I'm looking forward to watching something sufficiently mind numbing for no reason other than it is Friday night. It should be interesting to see him tomorrow in a hangover fug as we are babysitting the lovely Trinity for a whole 3 hours. I'm not sure what we've got ourselves in for as her parents are actually dropping her off at our house and driving away!! Let's hope we manage to keep her sufficiently entertained to stop her from screaming the house down with us in it. She is a terribly well behaved baby so I don't know why I'm fretting ... probably because her parents are trusting us with their precious cargo and I fear we won't live up to their level of competency!

Nothing else planned for the weekend other than housework (blah) and a movie on Saturday night. Here's hoping Shaun of the Dead lives up to its reputation of the funniest British film, ever... I'll let you know.

Listening to: the rain against the assorted windows in my life
Reading: Claudine in Paris, Colette


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