Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Ian has just bought tickets for us to see Beth Orton in October. The last time we saw Beth was in Melbourne in Jan 2000 at the Prince of Wales in St Kilda. It was such a romantic night. Ian had just flown in from the UK and we were so loved up, the night was warm and the ambiance at the POW that night was magical. I suspect my recollection of that night is heavily rose coloured but I'll never forget how I felt when she played 'Central Reservation'. Ah, love was in the air, my man was holding me tight and that song became 'our' song.

At our traditionless wedding a year later we decided not to dance the wedding waltz to some folks dismay. During the evening I remember my sister pushing me out the door to speak to the caterer to get dessert happening. [She was after all 7 months pregnant and very, very hungry!] As I turned to leave the room I heard the first strains of the song and spun around to see my gorgeous groom standing in the middle of the room looking at me. As I recall I ran into his arms and wrapped my shawl around us both to hide our faces. I don't think anybody in the room understood what on earth was going on but I didn't care. I'm sure I'll always feel the same way when I hear that song. Funny isn't it?

C x


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