Friday, May 07, 2004

Friday on my mind...

I'm having a Shakespearian renaissance in my head.

My bed head that is.

A pile of plays I've either not read for ages or not read at all sits there being all delicious and enticing. See, that's how I get around Shakespeare. The anticipation as I turn the next page and read more alluring wordage that William's brilliant mind strings together so masterfully. Gosh, I almost waxed lyrical!

I have started with Romeo & Juliet cause that was my first foray into the Bard's mind and the wonderful, exultant moment that I realised that I actually understood what I was reading!!

Oh Happy Day!

I suggested to Ian that he take me to Stratford-upon-Avon for my birthday next weekend to go the the Royal Shakespeare Company to see the aforesaid Romeo & Ethel the Pirate's Daughter but he says he has other plans. Lovely. We can do Stratford any weekend I guess...

I've been so busy today its blissful. For some insane reason I work far more productively when I have 15 things on the go and the need to juggle becomes acute. I don't seem to forget things as I can keep each task in my minds eye and as I work through one I see the next one roll along the conveyor belt. Strange but true, even my boss knows that when I'm bored or things are quiet he has to remind me to do things he's already asked me to do.

I so want this new Ops Manager Job as that will be a full-time juggling act. And around ten grand more which adds to the lustre. It is still not on our intranet but I'm checking every day and I have my spies on the lookout too.

Speaking of work, some has landed on my desk.

Will post more over the weekend.

Listening to: Triple J
Reading: Moll Flanders, Daniel Defoe


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