Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Royal Mail, we deliver

I received the most wonderful package in the post this morning.

My gorgeous friends Shauna & Davey, sent me an envelope full of drawings, paintings (that lime green one is getting a frame I tell you!) by their gorgeous children Dakoda, Beauie, Kushla and Zanek . And the photos!

I can't belive it has been 4 years since I last saw them. It is not right. Beauie, their second child and my Goddaughter, is possibly almost 6 years old. She is beautiful. She drew a picture of me (I am beautiful!) beside which she drew a picture of what I know must be a handbag and the words I still have this! I felt so bad for I know it is most likely something I gave her years ago and I just don't remember doing so. I put down the pictures and the photos and I cried a little for I miss these guys terribly.

My nephew Dante is growing up quickly too. My sister sent me photos of his 3rd birthday party and when they appeared on the computer screen I was so surprised for he does not look at all like a baby anymore. I am amazed that until I see updated photos I expect him to be suspended in time and be the 4 month old he was when I first met him or the 9 month old and then the toddler. He is now is a proper little boy and I was not there to see any of the in between stuff happen.

I love my life here in Manchester but there are lives in Australia that I no longer touch on a daily basis and I can never get that back. I try hard to rationalise this i.e. the kid won't remember before he's 3 that I wasn't there or, I wouldn't see them that often anyway even if I did live in Melbourne but that is not the point. I'd have a closer connection to friends and family. I'd hear more stories of day to day life which seems to get missed from long distance phone calls or even emails.

I don't want to go back to Melbourne for good just now. I still feel we need to be here in the UK for some time yet but I do miss the little sunbeams who I love oceans and can not wait to see ...

Dante ... Sarah ... Breeana ... Mitchell ... Dakoda ... Beauie ... Kushla ... Zanek ... Maya ... Millie ... Darcy ... Georgia ... Emily ... Jessica ... Toby ... Andre ... Julian ... Ryan ... Oscar



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