Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Hello darkness my old friend...

Well its December 6th.

Its 16.26 and the sky outside my office window is darkening.


Now believe it or not that is not a complaint.

Or a moan.

Or even a bloody whinge!

I really like this time of year. Or should I say I have grown to like this time of year. Crisp cold days, clear blue skies, frozen puddles and the mist that hangs over the park near our house every morning. Gorgeous.

I am not going to bang on about the weather. Things have been happening and the need to document them has returned.

I guess the biggest change is my job. I am now officially a Sales & Marketing Executive for the company I work for. Its a change I needed and a change I wanted. Its a busy role with lots of scope and a career path I don't need to fight my way through with a three foot machete! Its all quite new and exciting at the moment but I know it is not all glamour and fun.

For instance I need to be here at 7.45am on Thursday morning to help set up for an event we are running. Joy. Then there are upsides - a day in London last week for a training course which meant I could catch up with friends on either side, a place on all the events (sporting and otherwise) we run for clients and the chance to work with people who want to see me excel. It is a definite step up.

We spent Thursday to Sunday last week in Ireland. Co. Sligo to be exact. It was a fab weekend spent with fab people in a fabby country! I love Ireland. It is just not England which means people are far more likely to say hello to you in a pub, shop, train or even passing you in the street. Everyone wants to know everything about you and there is no such thing a gossip for nothing is a secret!

We stayed with Irene & Bill who have officially 'retired' to a little village called Ballymote about 40 minutes from Knock. Knock, for those of you who like me are unaware, is where the Virgin Mary apparently appeared in the 1930's and since then has been a magnet for well, apart from lots of Jesus, Mary and St Anthony fridge magnets, Catholics seeking a miracle. Ian and I walked down the main street (which is all there appears to be of Knock) and were amazed, if not slightly disturbed, by the endless Catholic paraphernalia on sale. It really was bizarre.

Anyway, I worked with Irene back in our Philanthropy days in Melbourne and we had a rather 'peripheral' relationship as she once described it. It was great to catch up and find that we picked up where we left off and added much more to our friendship. All in all a fabby time and the promise of many more visits to come.

Reading: The Fiery Cross, Diana Gabaldon
Listening to: Regard The End, The Willard Grant Conspiracy (courtesy of Tim the iPod)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Claudy,
Long time no hear!! Congrats on the promotion, it is all very exciting. Well I did think about calling you a number of times but never seem to be near a phone when I could call without waking you at some ungodly hour. Chat soon, love Faith (http://rasputina.typepad.com)

1:07 AM  

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