Saturday, May 15, 2004

A finely turned Ankle

I've been out of action for 24 hours for a rather embarassing reason.

I've sprained both my ankles.



On Friday morning I was standing on the sofa reaching for a book from the top shelf in the lounge. So far so good. I grabbed the book I wanted, turned and stepped off the sofa with my right foot however as soon as I put weight onto it, it folded over leaving my left foot to suddenly take weight but it was not quite straight so it too folded leaving me in a crumpled heap on the floor. I heard a crack which I now know was a video falling over on the table beside me. As I sat there in the floor with my legs out in front of me I was certain I'd finally broken a bone. I went into mild shock for I was cold for ages and could not stop shaking. Ian packed them in ice and tried very hard not to laugh. Not hard enough.

I've been twisting my ankles off an on since I could walk. My parents actually kept a pair of crutches we got from the hospital once for a whole 18 months as it seemed that I was spraining one or the other ankle every few months. So now, at 37 my ankles are not in the best shape. Did you know that if you damage your ankles like this you lose 'feeling' in the part of your foot that helps you to know where you are if you close your eyes and try and balance on one leg? Try it. Stand on one foot, hold your arms out to the left and right at shoulder length and close your eyes. Apparently, if your other senses are closed off, there are nerves in your feet that help you to locate where you are in space (not outer) and you are able then to balance. Obviously mine are shot cause I can't even balance with my eyes open. Sober.

Anyway, Ian's been a star and has been waiting on me hand and foot (where does that expression come from) without complaint. Without sarcasm no, with complaint, yes. Bless.

Just as well we had nothing planned this weekend for that is all I'm good for at the moment. Nothing.

Will post later about my birthday night treat!

Listening to: Scissor Sisters, Scissor Sisters
Reading: Kim, Rudyard Kipling


Blogger stephenliveshere said...

I know how much that hurts!
I was one of those kids at age 10 that said,
"I would love to break a limb to find out what the fuss is about!"
Little did I realise that I would discover how much pain is inovlved several times in my life.
[1] 1992 - Shattered & Discolate both arms in a freak accident on a push-bike
[2] 1989 - severely damaged my right knee in a freak accident on a water-ride at DreamWorld on the GoldCoast.
[3] Ripped open my ankles on an BMX's bikes with METAL pedals... basically, don't ride a bike where backward pedalling is the brake!
So, I feel your pain with you. Have you noticed how you are now a human barometer?

PS. Listening / Reading : is this a blogger attribute, or do you handcode that everytime?

6:47 AM  
Blogger claudy said...

Zervoid - shit!

Can't say my prior ankle-capades were as glam as yours! I would just be walking along and my ankle would fold - that's about it. This last sofa episode is about the most glam as far as ankles go.

My other stupidities were dislocating my elbow falling off a homemade sea-saw in my cousins back-yard, dislocating my knee ice skating after a fat boy fell on me and tearing open my knee running across the car park at VFL park. I was looking down to avoid the potholes so I would not twist my ankle and as a result I didn't see the tarmac (that was a whole 4 inches higher than the ground I was presently walking on) coming up and I trippped majestically. By the following morning the wound was green and I'm convinced the doctor took perverse pleasure in extracting the graval with those long evil looking tweezers. ::shudder::

9:20 AM  
Blogger claudy said...

Oh, and the 'Listening to / Reading' are something I add at the end of every post.

9:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Claudy,... OUCH!!!!!!!! That sounded painful. I used to have a weak ankle (right) one which used to from time to time fold inwards causing me pain. But for some reason (touch wood) I have not done that for years...

I hope you are going to feel better soon. Stay put and stay cute:)

Nina XXX

11:07 AM  

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