Saturday, May 08, 2004

Promotions, pizza and friends!


QPR won against Sheffield Wednesday 3-1 which gives them automatic promotion from the Second to the First division!!

I am sooooo excited for Ian and every QPR fan who have been faithfully following the team through this Second Division Pergatory. God, I'm glad it is over.

Howard, Georgie and Oscar were so late we decided to stay in, eat pizza and just catch up. I worked with H in Melbourne nearly 4 years ago after he moved there from London. We worked, played and laughed for 18 months then I moved to London, a fact which H could not understand for after 10 years there he had developed a rather serious hatred of the place!

In my absence he married the gorgeous George, had Oscar and made it to Partner. However they have grown tired of being so far away from family and H has gone about as far as he can career wise. And to be honest, I've missed them terribly so a move to Europe is fine by me! It was fantastic to see them again after all this time. I am also really pleased to say they are not going back to Australia as Howard is looking for work somewhere in Europe as London no longer holds the allure it once did. This of course means more mates of ours will be living close by and that is a great thing! There is the possiblity of H working in Switzerland which is not exactly close by but still less than a 3 hour trip away.

I've been listening to the Scissor Sisters all afternoon and I have to say I LOVE THEM!! Which I assure you means Ian will most likely hate them...

Off to buy some bubbly!

Listen to: Scissor Sisters, Scissor Sisters (Loudly)


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