Thursday, May 13, 2004

Today's my birthday na na na na na!

Every birthday my Dad says to me 'Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen!' Which is cute really given I'm more than twice sixteen however I think this has more to do with his disbelief that he is pushing 60 than with his nostalgic affection about his little girl...

Still, Dad doesn't like talking to me on the phone from Australia cause it makes him sad. Somewhere in there is an irony but I suspect he's missing it.

So, I am 37 today and life is good. Ian and I are happy, we have a good life, we are still wanting to have a baby and so far there is nothing terminal in our way so I am feeling good today.

Ian woke me up at 6.45am with a kiss and a tray holding a mug of coffee, a glass of apple juice, 3 birthday cards and a package. The birthday cards were from Ian, my Grandmother and my Mother-in-Law. My Grandparents on my Mum's side have always had a calendar by the phone where all the family member's birthdays were noted. Each year my Grandfather would transpose them all onto the new year's calendar which ensured that on the morning of every birthday you were greeted by a phone call from my Grandmother. Not bad going considering they had 8 children, 8 children-in-law and some 40 grandkids!

My Grandfather passed away 11 years ago and the first year after he died Nana called me to calendar duty. It was hard seeing my Grandfather's handwriting on the prior year's calendar knowing it would never be again. Anyway, Nana still calls (at odd hours now cause she's rubbish at time differences!) but this year a card was just as nice. Note to self: Leave phone by the bed tonight.

I digress. Contained within said package were 3 books. One about Michaelangelo (I love him), one about Mongolia (have wanted to go since I saw Marco Polo years ago) and one on Greenwich, you know the beginning of time etc which fascinates me. Does my man know me or what?

Apparently there is more coming. That doesn't surprise me.

I have orders to leave work at 5pm, (not a nanosecond later) and be ready to go out by 7pm. I know not where and I know not who with. Given that my friends have been decidedly cagey all week I'm guessing it won't just be Ian and I tonight. Yay!

Better go ... I spent too much time jumping between Space Hardware and the internet in general yesterday and I have a load of work to do!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Still Reading: Moll Flanders, Daniel Defoe
Listening to: Kitchen Music
Expressions I've heard lately that I like*:
Serial Love Pig
Bitch Slap

* A new feature to HomeSouth as I find the ever evolving English language, particularly in the realm of insults and expletives, endlessly fascinating!


Anonymous Anonymous said...



Wishing you the very best of everything, love, luck and happiness (of course bundles of deliciousness too)!

Have a GREAT day!

Love and kisses, Nina

1:48 PM  
Blogger claudy said...

Thanks Nina!!

3:28 PM  

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