Monday, May 17, 2004

I still call Australia home...

... but I won't be heading there in June as previously planned.

Stuff has come up which has meant I must relegate plans to spend 2 weeks in Melbourne to the back burner for now. Actually, it is better this way. Yes, I will be missing my Mum's 60th birthday party but it makes better sense to leave the trip for later in the year for my brother's baby 4 months old by then, Ian can get more time off and we can stay for longer. So, as hard a decision as it was to make, I think it will be better if we stay with the original plan of flying out on Boxing Day. The biggest perk to that little delay is that it will be the height of summer in Melbourne - one of my favorite and most missed Australian seasons!

My ankles are coming along nicely. As is the delightful bruise on the inside of my left foot ... it is a lovely shade of violet outlined in jaundice yellow. Gorgeous. I've decided to do as the Doctor advised and take the whole week off and sit down as much as possible. Something I dream of being ordered to do but once its enforced I just long to run around the block. Sad really.

Next post will definitely be a report on my birthday night celebrations!

Listening to: The wind rushing through my poplar in the back yard.
Reading: Kim, Rudyard Kipling


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