Tuesday, February 15, 2005


I confess I saw a copy of Desiderata post on Faith's website today and it just seemed to sum up things at the moment.

I look at life from different points to ascertain how it is all going. Firstly, my internal state. Am I anxious? Peaceful? Content? Are my thoughts running towards something good or are they dark and brooding?

How are my relationships? Are they fraught? Is there angst? Unresolved issues? Do I need to forgive? Ask forgiveness?

Am I making a difference in all I do? And you know what? This is where I come up short. Now before you say something like 'our lives touch other lives every moment of every day' I understand that. I know that I make a difference to those around me but this is not what I am struggling with.

What I find most difficult to process in any sane way is that I do not know how to make a difference to the state of the world that is tangible and long term. I give money to OXFAM and the NSPCA. I donated to the Tsunami Appeal. I make one off donations to good causes but I never know if any of this impacts the problems in real terms. There is still a cardboard box next in the unused doorway of the pub across the street which leads me to believe someone sleeps there each night. !80,000 Africans still die of starvation and disease every day. The planet is still warming infintisimally each year and the forecast seem catestrophic.

So what can I do?

I suspect the answer is 'what I can' which in light of all I read in the newspaper and see on the news, just doesn't seem like enough.

For what it is worth, this seemed like a good thing. See what you think.

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