Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Its Wednesday [bet you already knew that] and I've still not heard about the job, its still raining in England and I have to make this short cause I'm gonna miss Big Brother!!

However, tomorrow is Thursday and I'm hoping it will be sunny, that I get to check out some of that blue stuff in the sky I sometimes see, I'm hoping I'll hear that I got the job and it would be very nice to get an email from at least one person in Australia [The Age newsfeed does not count].

Not much else happening I fear. Tomorrow will be better.

Oh, I got a bottle of grappa from Eric at work who brought it back from Venice for me. Amazing bottle, orange mottled, slender with a round stopper. Very sexy. Can't wait to try the grappa though.

C x

Listening to: 'The Last Broadcast', Doves
Reading: 'Fever Pitch', NIck Hornby


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