Thursday, June 19, 2003

The space time continuum thief

It's now June and I feel like I have missed this year by half. What I mean is that I have let half a year slip by and I have done nothing of consequence.


I guess I needed the last month to process a lot of the things that happened in Australia and to remember again what life here feels, looks, smells and tastes like. A month was far too long to spend away from home. It had been a year since we'd been back to Melbourne and at that stage we had only been married for 18 months and life in Manchester still felt relatively 'new'. This trip I left with an almost tangible sense of being wrenched away. I really did not want to leave. Although at the same time I really wanted to be in Melbourne so I just got on the plane and buckled up. Once we got moving I was excited and keen to arrive. But you never arrive quickly when you are heading to Melbourne from Manchester. The upside was they changed our flight time, dropped the stopover in Mumbai and gave us a newer plane. All this meant we has a shorter flight time to Singapore by 2.5hrs and an increase in leg room and seat width of about 2.5 inches. Very nice.

We travelled with my 76-year-old mother-in-law as she was taking her annual holiday in Melbourne and staying with my parents. I do not need to say anything here do I?

We eventually arrived and all in all had a good trip but it was in no way a holiday and due to a couple of rather angsty situations a fair bit of stress was added to the mix which left me emotionally drained and exhausted and rather numb. Since getting back I have spent at least a fortnight as flat as a tack and utterly bereft of inspiration. This seems to have passed as I've understood what has been affecting me and I'm trying to get on with life.

This is hardly the write up one would expect for our holiday of the year but I am afraid that this is it folks. Thankfully we have some rather tasty trips to look forward to and life is certainly looking a little better. Pity it’s raining again.

Listening to: Talvin Singh presents Sounds of the Asian Underground & Cafe del Mar, Vol Siete - Various
Reading: The Joy Luck Club - Amy Tan