Friday, September 26, 2003

Rampant Viruses

Just when the internet seems a safe place again and opening an email no longer results is the death of one's hard drive - I get a virus. Not the internet kind mind you. A bodily, skanky, microscopic organism that has found its way into my person and has left me feeling none too great. I have been off work for two weeks (a personal best I have to add) and one this, my second Friday at home it is safe to say that I am now completely and utterly bored. Not just bored but insanely bored. Hence my dash to my blog. I am hoping I can extract something interesting out of my snot sodden mind to inspire myself and hopefully anybody else who reads this.

There are a couple of exciting things going on in my world aside from the X-Files which just so happens to air on Sky One in 28 minutes. My wonderful brother is in London! Yes, we are once again in the same time zone, hemisphere and country call zone! No need to dial +61 nor does he need to dial +44 - we are within texting range! And caused we are both with Virgin Mobile it only costs us 3p a pop! That is certainly worth getting out of my PJ's for...

Ian and I headed down to London the weekend before last to see Steph and to stay with my old housemate, Rachel and her hubby Darryl and their gorgeous 6 month old delight, Talia. It was great to spend time with them and to integrate my brother into my circle of friends here. I am a firm believer that when you meet your friend's family members it gives them a wider context and I guess, another dimension. After spending a weekend with my brother and I, Ian was amazed at how alike we are in our mannerisms and even the way we think. He also muttered that he was not sure how he was going to survive the 2 weeks in our joint company when Steph finally gets to Manchester tomorrow. Yay!

I have not forgotten my promise to elaborate more on my Greenbelt experience. I will do it later. After the X-Files maybe... I am sick after all.

Listening to: Officium, Jan Garbarek / The Hilliard Ensemble
Reading: The Sunne in Splendour, Sharon Penman