Friday, July 18, 2003

Friday. Must be when the machines don't work...

I'm a bit pissed off with Blogger today. For some unknown reason the archives that are supposed to list down the left hand side of this page have disappeared. I have followed their instructions, repeatedly, but with no success. I know the archives are there for when I edit the page they are listed below but when I 'publish' the page, they disappear.

Damn it.

So, its Friday again and I have swanned through another week. There really are times when I feel like my life is rushing past me like white lines on the tarmac. I don't really have very much to say today. Mind you, whenever I utter those words three A4 double sided are subsequently filled. Let's see... I picked up John and Catherine from the airport this morning which ultimately meant handed back their BMW. It was great to see them as it seemed they enjoyed Australia immensely but it was hard giving back my 'freedom' in the form of a keyring. We'll get a car one day so in the meantime its bus city for these kids...

Ian is working this weekend but Saturday night is free so we are going to try and agree on a film we can both see. We never agree on films so we don't tend to go together. The trouble is that I love the whole escapist experience of the cinema but Ian loves a hard-hitting, gritty, subtitled, emotional roller coaster experience which just leaves me numb. So we tend to avoid the movies on the whole. I suspect we will end up eating out instead...

I spoke to Nan this week which was nice. It was good to connect again and just to talk to one of my oldest friends...

Before I bore myself to death with my plans to spring clean the house this weekend I'll blog this now.

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Monday, July 14, 2003

A blog a day

This will make 3 blogs in one day but it is only really 2.

The one below where I decreed I was going to try and blog daily is a farcical blog as I actually wrote that last week but I think my firewall at work buggers up my ability to upload this stuff so I saved it safely and promptly forgot it.

So, here I am again today trying to blog daily.

I am actually in a hurry as I have just dumped the entire contents of my undies draw onto the bedroom floor and I need to get it done before my friend PJ calls. Although I suspect I'm going to be folding my undies and assorted smalls for the next 3 hours by the looks of that pile. Shit.

I don't know why I am like this you know. I had every intention of getting home, cooking myself some tea and taking a leisurely approach to this lovely, warm and sunny Monday evening but before I knew it I was up to my elbows in soap suds, tearing clothes of the line, dragging piles of clean clothes upstairs to suddenly find myself knee deep in apparel. Shit.

I don't have much else to contribute today really. As I mentioned earlier we saw R.E.M. play live last night in what was one of the best gigs of my life [if you don't count Underworld at the Apollo last night cause that just peaked and I'm still waiting...] and I am even more in awe of Michael Stipe and his amazing ability to capture my mind and my soul and wrap it around a song. I just love him.

I spent today pining for the beach and the merest sniff of a sea breeze. I wanted to stand on the rocks and watch the waves crash against them and feel the thunder in the soles of my feet. I wanted to look out as far as I could and see only the ocean swell. I want to watch the sunset over the water and follow its reflection right back to my feet. And I want to go to bed tonight and know that the sea is only a few miles away from where I sleep. Maybe I'll dream about the sea tonight. Maybe.

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dot dot dot and I feel fine ...

We saw R.E.M. at Old Trafford last night.

The world seems a better place today.

Michael Stipe is the business.

... bring my happy back again.

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Reading: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, JK Rowling

Books and beamers

OK. OK. I don't know how people find the time or the inclination to blog daily but I am going to try.

No, really I am.

Tuesday today. Nothing much to report on any front really. Work is quiet. Both my partners are away. One is presently in Melbourne on a 3 week trip around Australia and the other is at Wimbledon wishing it had rained yesterday so Tim Henman & Andre Agassi would have had to play today instead. I have pottered around and cleared the odd jobs I had left myself to do today and not done much else really.

Spent my lunch hour devouring the next 25 pages of the latest Harry Potter instalment. Can not seem to put the bloody thing down. I was up till 1am reading it last night and completely lost 4 hours of time on Saturday in it also. Very scary. Have not been absorbed by a book like this for years. So much for it being a kids book. Or maybe I just relate better downwards.


Off to see Juan tonight for a much needed massage then a guy from a kitchen company is meeting me at home at 7.30pm to discuss options.

A bloke with the surname Dickman just called for Mike. Would you not change your name if it was Dickman? Honestly.

The upside of all this running around is that I have John's brand new BMW X5 to make life easier. And he is in Australia for another nineteen days.

Sometimes I love my job.

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