Thursday, July 04, 2002

Can’t think of anything of note to post today. Another uninspiring kind of day in the north of England, a bonus is that it isn’t cold. The office air conditioning is comical and no matter what the weather is doing outside, it is always eerily warm in here. Bugger.

Being bored at work but we are all heading out for a drink and a meal. I’m hoping we’ll get there as the proposal we are working on needs ‘tweaking’ which, between you and I, is a screaming understatement.

Still no news on the job front. Typical. I brought in Alex Lloyd's Watching Angels Mend to listen to today which I may just do in order to retain sanity and an optimistic outlook.

Got an email from my new blogger friend from in Canberra - we're discussing how to change the world in three quick and painless steps. The first I think should be to disembowel the President of the United States but I'll get back to you on that one.

The US forces in Afghanistan bombed a wedding, two planes collided in mid air over Germany killing about 70 children, Cheryl Kernot & Gareth Evans have had an affair [yikes!] and the whole country wants Jade out of the Big Brother house. I do not need to tell you which of the above topics have taken up column inches in my current affairs intake this week.

Lleyton Hewitt looks like he may lose to Sjeng Schalken on Court One this afternoon. That would be sad. The stick I get when Australian's lose at anything is amazing. Bring on the cricket - please!

I've bored myself to tears, best post this now.

C x


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