Thursday, July 11, 2002

A bit of an update is due I think. In order of occurrence:

Job ... I was told last Friday afternoon by the head of Events that I was the candidate she wants in the position however [I just hate that word] the position itself if under review due to the current recruitment freeze and the additional 'politics' surrounding it all that were beyond her control. She said she was going to present her case for the position on Tuesday and get back to me.

In the meantime a friend of mine close to the situation filled me in on what that means in English. Basically, a woman from another department in the Leeds office was being moved into the Marketing Manager position which a) gives her the authority and clout to hire who she likes and b) leaves her PA without a job. I’ll let you do the math. In case your math is crap like mine – the upshot is she will move her PA over into the position I was interviewed for twice and all but told I had without so much as a blink. Ms Head of Events called me yesterday to advise that even though I was the preferred candidate, ‘practicalities’ prevented them offering me the job. Now even if the said ‘practicalities’ were a determining factor I would have appreciated hearing the whole truth about the machine at work here. Alas, I was given a glib answer to two and a half weeks of waiting.

Now this may sound like sour grapes but over the weekend, between phone calls, I pretty much decided that I would not take the job if I was offered it. Why? I’d lost enthusiasm. And I know me by now. I mean I waited from April 1999 – October 1999 [enthusiasm intact at all times] to find out if I had the job in London. I knew that I knew that I knew that this was the right step for me to take. This was not. So there you have it. At least I walk away with the confidence to know that I can interview well, climb the stack and stand out. Lesson learned, confidence gained.

Weather … sucking big time. At least this week the rain has been torrential as opposed to mizzley. A very important difference. Torrential makes you feel like the dark clouds looming all day and blocking out the sun were worth it. Mizzle is, in a word, miserable.

Life … We’ve booked ourselves eight days in Barcelona in the first week of November. Even in November the weather in Spain will be way better than the weather here in July. Discuss.

Big Brother ... Adele was voted out last Friday [Yesssss!] and tomorrow the nation decides if Kate or PJ go. Sadly I don't want to see either of them leave but I so wish someone would put Tim out of our misery please. Thankfully we will be seeing some real friends over the weekend cause for a while there we could tell you more about the seven strangers in the Big Brother House in East London that we could about any of our real friends.

Love … my husband is beautiful. He wrote me a poem which, if he says yes, I will post here soon.

C x


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